About us

The CTC Digital Agency adventure started in 2018, by two passionate people in the field of marketing and web design.

CTC Digital Agency

It is a human digital solution located in Quebec and Europe.

Our innovative team engages itself in sharing its expertise in the fields of web conception & development, as well as web & mobile marketing. All this in the hope of helping you develop your own website, tools and marketing plan.

Our team of experts applies commercial principles and ethical practices that will organically stimulate the growth of your brand and enterprise.

  • Web development 90% 90%
  • Web design 93% 93%
  • SEO & Social media 85% 85%
  • UI & UX 97% 97%

A message from the founders

Émilien Clarté

Émilien Clarté

Web design & social media

Being a member of The Interaction Design Foundation, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) and web design have been my expertise for many years.

I lead the web design, web development and social network operations for our clients as well as those of CTC Digital Agency.

Jonathan Clodion

Jonathan Clodion

Marketing strategy et development

Having evolved in the world of communication and marketing for many years now. My role at CTC Digital Agency is to make sure that every aspect of your needs when we work together is in line with the end result.


we protect your environment

At CTC Digital Agency we care about environmental impact. That’s why our servers and the hosting we provide to our customers is powered by the use of hydroelectric, wind and solar energy resources.

Eco-labels are created when wind, hydroelectric or solar energy is substituted for traditional energy. This allows us to move away from our dependence on fossil fuels to produce electricity.

Using clean, renewable energy is environmentally friendly and helps reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.
Eco-labels represent the actual savings in carbon dioxide or other pollutants when green energy is used instead of fossil fuels.

A skype, a facetime, in person ?

Our team is adapting to the current world situation and new trends, it will be a pleasure to meet you. A free analysis, valued at $129, will be performed on your media platforms. Please note that this meeting does not commit to anything. In any case, it will be beneficial to you.

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